Chasing Rainbows reviewed in NRC Handelsblad!

The album received 4 out of 5 stars! Loose Beautiful Basement Sound
Not only young musicians are nostalgic for the sixties, a number of Dutch veterans are as well. This is evident from the debut CD of the new quartet Chasing Rainbows, with members known from various bands. Drummer Henk Jonkers, bassist Geert de Groot and guitarist Wim Elzinga from the bands Claw Boys Claw, Hallo Venray, Bingo Trappers. Only the American singer Lawrence Rengert is still unknown here. Together they made a CD which seduces with loose play, beautiful melodies and a beautiful basement sound. The song Make Love Caravan, last spring a single appeared on the label of Tim Knol, was touting a taster with rattling guitars and summery rashness. The band has more to offer; the Hawaiian guitar in the relaxed Singing Leaving, where Rengert moaningly pours out his heart, to the naivety of I’ll Cross The World. Musical virtuosity is here employed with subtle orchestrations. – Hester Carvalho October 27, 2014, NRC