PlatoMania Reviews Chasing Rainbows With Henk Jonkers


That there is not already a full-length record named after this powerful producer is a small shame considering his involvement in the patriotic indie rock scene of the Netherlands. Seriously, is there an album from the early nineties where Jonkers was not involved? Oh! Fortunately, artist Lawrence Rengert (is undoubtedly aware, look at the cover it’s simply priceless!) coming from Santa Barbara, California to study at our internationally renowned Amsterdam State Academy of Fine Arts and bringing with him demos of guitar songs he met Henk Jonkers, who took and made some sense of these recordings. With friends, rock routiners and heroes Geert de Groot, Dick Brouwers and Wim Elzinga (we thought at the end we even hear Richard Jansen but we maybe we were just very happy) Jonkers created a pretty, atmospheric record in the auditory crafts corners of Beck, Eels and Sonic Youth, they also imply Johnathan Richman. That ‘navel record’ Hallo Venray 1991 will probably never be surpassed, but the captivating Chasing Rainbows, from Excelsior-Recordings label, is certainly Jonkers’ most appealing production since the debut of The Horse Company in 2007. -Albert Jonker, no relation, Mania Magazine