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The internet has always been a godsend to meet new groups. I believe that among those I met through Instagram (yes, even through social pictures you can ‘learn music.’ You follow us? We have some great pictures) are Chasing Rainbows.
Chasing Rainbows are a band divided between Santa Barbara and Amsterdam. Their sound is quite retro: The Velvet Underground, Syd Barret and Townes Van Zant in the first place, but then also hints of Post Punk and Americana as from Wilco and My Morning Jacket.

The band records and produces his own music in the Netherlands. We chatted via Skype with Prins Lawrence, the singer, on how they are formed, what they are working on and how it was working on their first album out on Excelsior-Recordings last October.

Girl Underground

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Apeldoorn Direct

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After Doe Maar Tribute Band “Skunk,” which played Saturday in the Stadscafé in Apeldoorn, we then on Sunday afternoon wnet to Muziekcafé Gigant in Apeldoorn. While recovering from “Is this all?” fast forward to Muziekcafé Gigant: Chasing Rainbows plays.

The bar is well stocked; the upstairs atmosphere is best; and it is March 1! March 1st, happy again; a mild winter behind, thanks to our climate. For that reason, I will certainly not vote Green Left; when is that climate change coming? (While the people of Green Left still very nice people ……)

Anyway, Chasing Rainbows, the band around Lawrence Rengert from Santa Barbara, California. When Lawrence years ago to study at the State Academy of Fine Arts drummer Henk Jonkers (Fatal Flowers, Hallo Venray) got passed the old demo with guitar songs of Lawrence then mixed by Henk in an Amsterdam studio.

Let me just start right away: I enjoyed this band. The music is full; a drummer which sets the tone and a voice that lingers in the audience. The music comes in waves in the cafe. The band puts me somewhere between the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd; but more contemporary; contemporary, rougher, edgier. The creativity of the music splashes around.

It is a band that puts you in a place you can’t quite identify the influence; do you hear Little Red Rooster as intro; it is the very opposite direction? Sometimes the pace is on the hefty side but at once to be interspersed with grinding and fast tempo. Surprising and amazing!

The moment the music is released back into the cafe I take the initiative to expand my network. The music is loud. Within the noisey cafe many generous laughing ladies, I catch an invitation to drink a glass of wine in the backyard. (I have wondered why I was invited into the backyard?). Explicitly to say that nothing trivial will be played there. What luck ……

Meanwhile, the band has started it’s last song and we can happily get the CD “With Henk Jonkers” at the show. A nice weekend coming to an end; where there is still good conversation to get going. Full of energy we leave giant: the week begins! Apeldoorn Lives and Moves; thanks Muziekcafé giant; Every Sunday 16:15; free and for nothing!

3VOOR12 Friesland

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Incendiary Magazine Review 

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Oor Magazine Review



If we here used stars, balls or a different valuation, Chasing Rainbows got an extra point for the album title With Henk Jonkers. The project stems from the friendship between Hallo Venray drummer Jonkers and Lawrence Rengert from Santa Barbara, who studied in the Netherlands years ago. The songs of Rengert were arranged and recorded using Jonkers, guitarist Geert de Groot, bassist Dick Brouwers and keyboardist Wim Elzinga. The result is a charming collection of vintage-sounding indie pop songs in which the same fascination with the late sixties can be seen as with musician Jacco Gardner. The production and execution is kept much smaller, but for a song like Make Love Caravan, Gardner would not be ashamed. The overall sound is not unlike the late Velvet Underground (especially Cast A Spell) and Neil Young is never far away. Without You Around is a beautifully arranged ballad, A Time That Might and Terry Sue are catchy, rootsy pop. As short as they are sometimes, the songs of Rengert nestle surprisingly quickly in your head. It makes With Henk Jonkers a modest and tasteful made pop album. -John Denekamp, Oor Magazine

NRC Handelsblad Review



The album received 4 out of 5 stars! Loose Beautiful Basement Sound
Not only young musicians are nostalgic for the sixties, a number of Dutch veterans are as well. This is evident from the debut CD of the new quartet Chasing Rainbows, with members known from various bands. Drummer Henk Jonkers, bassist Geert de Groot and guitarist Wim Elzinga from the bands Claw Boys Claw, Hallo Venray, Bingo Trappers. Only the American singer Lawrence Rengert is still unknown here. Together they made a CD which seduces with loose play, beautiful melodies and a beautiful basement sound. The song Make Love Caravan, last spring a single appeared on the label of Tim Knol, was touting a taster with rattling guitars and summery rashness. The band has more to offer; the Hawaiian guitar in the relaxed Singing Leaving, where Rengert moaningly pours out his heart, to the naivety of I’ll Cross The World. Musical virtuosity is here employed with subtle orchestrations. – Hester Carvalho October 27, 2014, NRC

PlatoMania Magazine Review



That there is not already a full-length record named after this powerful producer is a small shame considering his involvement in the patriotic indie rock scene of the Netherlands. Seriously, is there an album from the early nineties where Jonkers was not involved? Oh! Fortunately, artist Lawrence Rengert (is undoubtedly aware, look at the cover it’s simply priceless!) coming from Santa Barbara, California to study at our internationally renowned Amsterdam State Academy of Fine Arts and bringing with him demos of guitar songs he met Henk Jonkers, who took and made some sense of these recordings. With friends, rock routiners and heroes Geert de Groot, Dick Brouwers and Wim Elzinga (we thought at the end we even hear Richard Jansen but we maybe we were just very happy) Jonkers created a pretty atmospheric record in the auditory crafts corners of Beck, Eels and Sonic Youth, they also imply Johnathan Richman. That ‘navel record’ Hallo Venray 1991 will probably never be surpassed, but the captivating Chasing Rainbows, from Excelsior-Recordings label, is certainly Jonkers’ most appealing production since the debut of The Horse Company in 2007. -Albert Jonker, no relation, Mania Magazine

Kicking the Habit Review

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Henk Jonkers currently playing drums in Hallo Venray (he did in Fatal Flowers and Daryll-Ann in the past), he joins the American Lawrence Rengert in the band Chasing Rainbows, last Saturday they lined up at Le Guess Who? May Day. Nice and loose infectious single Make Love Caravan has cowbell, horns and a surprising change of pace towards psychedelic atmospheres. And that in an ideal three minutes.

Incidentally, members of Chasing Rainbows are: Geert de Groot (Beginners, Scram C Baby), Dick Brouwers (Daryll-Ann) and Wim Elzinga. The single is out on Tender Records, the new label of Tim Knol. Later this year we may very expect to see a Chasing Rainbows album on Excelsior. Stream Make Love Caravan already on Soundcloud.